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Merry Christmas and an Exciting New Year!

Dear Followers and Readers,

I wish you a merry christmas, some quality time for family, friends and yourself and all the best for the new year! May 2017 be as exciting and challenging (in a positive way) as this year was, and also a happy, fulfilling and healthy one!


Be productive like a boss with ambient background noise

Are you working in an open-space office with a lot of background noise? Can you just focus better if you hear your background mumble, like in a coffee shop? Or are you more relaxed when you hear birds sing or the sound of water?

Then, Noisli is for you! Noisli is a free and very simple service that lets you enable/disable different sounds to listen in the background. You can choose from birds, forest, wind, sea, fire, train waggons, coffee shop, and so on.

I’ve been using Noisli for the past 1-2 years and I’ve found it extremely helpful in times where I have a hard time to focus on my task. Also I cannot listen to music for a whole day when I am in the office, but I can listen to birds much longer.

I recommend everyone to try it out 🙂

WSJ: How Satya Nadella makes Microsoft the “only pre-internet tech giant to escape the decline of its legacy product”

Why is Microsoft suddenly back as a leader in the mobile and cloud computing space? Jay Greene from the Wall Street Journal has asked the question to many Microsoft top executives and learnt of how the company shifted strategies under Satya Nadella. This includes acknowledging not getting everything right, buying talent (i.e. startups), and making people responsible for products even if they don’t have a 10-year-long history at Microsoft.

The lengthy, very worth-to-read article can be found here.

How liking stuff on social networks makes algorithms understand you better than your own friends

A few years ago, Psychologist Michal Kosinki developed a method to analyze humans, their attitude, politial and religious views, and so on, based on what they like on Facebook, Twitter & co. and use the data to predict their behavior.

When he realized the consequences of his discovery, he warned – too late, as compannies, such as Cambridge Analytica have already adapted it for their customers, such as getting people to vote for Brexit and Trump.

Read more about Kosinki’s discovery, an unethical offer and what happend on (German).

How wedding planners can increase sales, save time and make weddings more memorable with Picturex!

Are you a wedding planner (or organizing your friends’ wedding) and are you looking for a way to collect the best photos from the big day without breaking a sweat? – Search no more!

Picturex makes it incredibly easy to collect all photos, the guests and even the professional photographer take at the wedding in a single, shared space! With Picturex, the best wedding memories are easily shared with newly-weds and guests and even printed – no complex organization or set-up required!

Learn here how you can use Picturex for your wedding company and how you can gain a unique marketing opportunity and help the newly-weds get the best memories of their big day!

Read more →

How Stress is affecting your Decision-Making

The World Economic interviewed Guideon Nave, researcher at Warthon, on the impact of stress on how fast and how good we make decisions.

Find the transcript on the WEF website and learn why you should not go to the supermarket when you are stressed and what a baseball bat math quiz helps to analyze reactions of stress.

Office Delve Analytics to learn how to manage your time effectively

Where does my time go? How much time do I ‘waste’ with emails or ineffective meetings?

Delve Analytics is an interesting free feature for Office 365 users that helps you analyze how much time you spend in meetings, with emails and with whom you communicate how often. This helps you gain insights on how well your activities align with your top priorities and helps you to self-monitor your behavior at work.

More information can be found in this infographic.

Creative hobbies can boost productivity

An interesting read on TheNextWeb summarizes recent research which has shown that actively pursuing hobbies in the spare time is not only fun and helps with work-life balance, but can also boost productivity and the IQ. These include playing an instrument, playing strategy games and exercise regularly.


A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. - Confucius

Erhöhen Sie Ihre Verkäufe, das User Engagement und die Kundenzufriedenheit mit Picturex für Business

Unsere Picturex-App, die bisher für Private den einfachen und sicheren Foto-Tausch von Fotos während einem Event mit allen Gästen ermöglicht, wurde kürzlich um ein weiteres Angebot erweitert: Mit Picturex für Business können Firmen ganz leicht das User Engagement, die Kundenzufriedenheit und Verkäufe steigern. Einzelne Funktionen können gemäss Ihren Wünschen aktiviert werden, die Apps (Web und mobile Apps) können mit Ihrem Corporate design umgesetzt werden und in die bestehende (oder eine neue) Infrastruktur integriert werden. Alle Informationen zum Angebot sehen Sie hier.

Haben Sie Fragen? Wir beraten Sie gerne!

Neu: Picturex für das Web

Es freut uns, Picturex für das Web (Feature-Request #1) anzukündigen. Mit dem Web Client können Sie folgendes tun:

  • Auf alle Foto-Alben zugreifen und einem bestehenden Foto-Album beitreten
  • Fotos in höchster Qualität auf den Computer herunterladen
  • Fotos vom Computer in ein Album hochladen, ideal für die DSLR Fotos!
  • Eine Live-Slideshow aller Fotos eines Albums auf einem Bildschirm oder TV anzeigen, ideal für Parties!

Picturex läuft in allen modernen Browsern! Hier können Sie Picturex für das Web besuchen!

2016-02-24 Picturex_Web_Client

Developer Stories: Interview mit André Meyer von der MIT Innovation AG

Vor kurzem wurden wir von, einer der grössten deutschsprachigen Windows-News-Site, angefragt, ob wir Interesse an einem Interview hätten. André Meyer hat sich sehr gerne dem Interview gestellt und Fragen zu unseren Apps (Picturex, TouchMountain & Co) und der neuen mobilen Strategie mit Microsoft (Stichwort: One Microsoft) beantwortet.

> Hier können Sie das spannende Interview nachlesen.

AppDeal: Get TouchMountain for free today!

As part of a promotion with MyAppFree, we are offering the full version of TouchMountain for free (instead of 2.99$) today (8th September).

> Download TouchMountain here.


By the way: Right now, we are working on a completely new Live View (Augmented Reality). It will still take 1-2 months until it’s ready; this is why we are offering the current version for free. Everyone who downloads TouchMountain today will of course also get the update for free when it’s ready.

> Do you want to get the update earlier? Register as a Beta-Tester here.


SlowTV: Den Alltag etwas Entschleunigen mit der MIT Innovation AG

Ein schräger Vogel

Sein Kopf ist fast kahl, bloss ein paar Federn stehen als wirrer Busch vom Haupt ab. Er sieht aus wie ein Wesen aus einer anderen Zeit. Das ist er auch. Vor 350 Jahren starb der Waldrapp bei uns aus. Wollen Sie sehen, wie der Vogel im Tierpark Goldau brütet und seine Küken aufzieht? Dann starten Sie hier die Echtzeitübertragung.

Sie können die Waldrappen auch live von Ihrem Mobiltelefon mit dem obenstehenden Link betrachten. Für Windows Phone und Windows 8.1 haben wir zudem Apps veröffentlicht.

Eine Kooperation von Tierpark Goldau, der Schweizer Familie und der MIT Innovation AG.


Getting started with the new OneDrive API

Recently, I got the chance to play around a little with the new OneDrive API (REST). Boy is it cool, but only after an inital phase of crawling through the web resources filled with old tutorials and code snippets of old API parts… The documentation really isn’t as good as I hoped and I had some troubles finding the right starting point. That’s why I wanted to quickly summarize my first steps here:


What was my task?

For a small medical health app (running on Windows Phone 8.1) I am currently working on, we needed a way to easily export all the stored information to OneDrive (as a backup and to run certain kinds of analyses on the way more powerful MS Excel, compared to the rudimentary Excel on the phone). Further, we wanted to have the opportunity to import the exported files (in XML format) to the app, in case some data is lost (due to a corrupt update of the app). So, a single file-export and a file-import is all we needed.


Where to start?

I needed almost an hour until I knew where to start. Most resources Google showed me were concerning old OneDrive projects, and had little to do with the new shiny API. And the official documentation lacked many details. Finally, I found out what to do. Here is how:


  1. You need to register your app in the Windows Store.
  2. Get the SDK from Nuget (just search for “Live SDK” and install)
  3. Associate your App with the store (registered under 1.). In Visual Studio, right click on Project > Store > Associate App with the Store and select a unique Name.
  4. Add the Capability to the project (in the project manifest) to access the internet.
  5. Here you find out how you can authenticate with the OneDrive API. What I really appreciate is the Single Sign-On feature that you get with Windows Runtime apps. This basically means that you don’t need to worry anymore about any log-in forms, persisting the log-in or something similar. The Windows device handles this itself. At the first start, it asks for permission (depending on the requests you ask permission for (login, read, write, etc.)
  6. Now you are good to go:
  • This site in the official documentation is useful to learn more about uploading or downloading files.
  • For the download/import, I first also wrote a downloading function and realized that I need to give the user the opportunity to select the exact file before the download. After a quick websearch I found out that I don’t need to create my own FilePicker, but that Windows Runtime apps have a FileOpenPicker (hmm, why have I missed this?). This will also show the OneDrive app (if installed) and then download the app. Very simple and clean. This StackOverflow post shows an example of how the FileOpenPicker works.
  • For Android, there also exists a File Sharer and Picker
  • Here you find many other (tiny) examples and excerpts of how you could use the API (with Windows Runtime apps)


I hope I can save you some time with the hints. If you have any questions, please let me know.
PS: Did you know, that Microsoft relies on exactly this OneDrive API for their own apps and services? Cool!


Additional Resources: