Innovation Snacks are technology talks about research and development activities, technologies, and tools. It is a joint event series of s.e.a.l. and adesso, in which researchers and practitioners meet for breakfast and technical talks about the current state and future of software engineering. Today, my colleagues (Florian Stucki & Philipp Nützi) and I had the chance to present our information fragments tool, a prototype we developed in the past semester (HS13). The idea of the tool is that it aggregates data from various project data sources (from code, to work items, to people information) and visualizes the combination of the data to answer different stakeholders’ (developers, testers, managers, customers) questions in an intuitive web interface by visualizing the data in various ways. The tool can easily be extended with any other repository (that offers its data via web service), such as requirements, use cases, etc. For more information, please refer to the files here.