Last week was a busy week: Just a few days, after we released a big update for Picturex (see the next blogpost), we traveled to Brussels to pitch our app in front of a Jury at the AppCup 2015. The AppCup was hosted by Microsoft as a part of the IAMCP Summit 2015. Prior to the pitch, we received some extensive Pitch training by Lars Sudmann, a presentation and pitching specialist. The pitch went great and we got incredible feedback: Most were interested in our unique technology of having a secure and private data exchange, but still having a service that is easier than any other service. We hope, we can use the feedback to add some new and useful features and start some partnerships. In the end, we didn’t win the AppCup, but are very happy to have received the nomination as one of the top three (out of 100) business-to-consumer (B2C) apps in the mobile apps world.

2015-03-20 AppCup Brussels 88 by Picturex (1073078)