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Are there days when your development work goes well and days when you just cannot seem to get anything done? We invite you to participate in our survey about your development work and how you track and improve it. Our aim is to create tools to help you better reflect and improve on your development work.


The following survey will take you about 15 minutes of your time. With your participation you get the chance to enter our lottery to win one of two Amazon gift certificates with a value of $200 each.


We will keep your survey responses anonymous. We will NOT attribute answers to any particular participant. At the end of the survey, you are asked to insert your mail address voluntarily to contact you in case you want to participate in the lottery and/or in case you want us to email you the survey results.


We would greatly appreciate your participation!


You find the survey here:


Prof. Thomas Fritz and André Meyer (University of Zurich)


PS: You may find our survey also in the media: and Heise Developer.